Hi, I’m Chris Hopper.


Host of the Ascend Podcast. I hold a BSc in Sport Development, a foundation degree in sport coaching and a BTEC national diploma in Sport Science, but to me that is not who I am. I’m not just some individual that's categorized by my degree’s and a whole list of awards. I’m a man who has a passion our own existence and is dedicated to applying systematic value into people's lives by               constantly inspiring other's to take charge and dedicate my life to opening us to this new conscious impact for us all to really start opening up together. We all deserve the chance for happiness and to live powerful lives, let us all find it together.

Everybody’s life comes down to choices, you can make the choices that will improve your life or hinder it. Plain and simple, but yet there are always moments when we feel were on the right path yet doing the wrong thing. I felt for a long time my life was stagnant, it was always controlled by external validation from others. Value therefore guys comes from our own self worth, and how much of an impact we can have on this Earth. Were not about finding happiness from how others view us, were about finding the truth of our identity and having a set of values that go beyond all opinions of others.

It took many years of self development and soul searching to realize that my own internal self worth was more powerful than any other external forces. I feel each and every single day that you are constantly challenged to make the most of the opportunities you are given, I embraced life and now I can be proud of the man who is writing this for you, There are constantly things which i'm grateful for a  fantastic girlfriend, who inspires me, supports me and makes me feel amazing when were together. loyal supportive friends who support and trust with my life and a family which care and love me and now its time for others to wake up each and every single day and follow their dreams and live a live fulfilled through continuous daily habits and commitment to oneself. Its time to begin the awakening of the people who enter my life by empowering them to find out their true self worth. All of these are are a result of the love and commitment to yourself each and every day of your life, its not about quick fixes its a complete lifestyle change, lets develop each one of these areas of your life, mind, body and spirit.

Thanks for reading guy's                              .           .

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